Why Have a Website and What to Know When Starting Out

Why have a website? Well.. It’s probably the cheapest real estate you’ll find.


But really, why you need a website is completely determined by the type of business you’re in — to support the movement of your product and the trust of your audience.

Go ahead and grab the domain, you will certainly need it once things get going. But don’t be stressed about it being perfectly dialed in to start. Your business will and should evolve as you learn.

Your website is the heart of your online presence, your virtual introduction for when you are not there to shake a hand. Regardless of whether you’re B2B or B2C, you’re interacting with humans. Remember, it’s some guy or gal on the other end, googling you and assessing whether or not your site is worth their time.

Add value!

From day one of your business, you’re communicating the idea — gauging the validity of your assumptions based on the eye twitches of your immediate audience. You go to your friends first, or maybe your family.. eventually, you develop a sense of who your product serves and the value it creates.

The content of your website, its functionality and the way it looks should all support that value.

Have a gameplan for the overall experience you expect for your customers, creating smooth transitions and updating as you get feedback.

Be you. It’s way easier that way.

Hit the streets. Shake hands. Figure out how to sell your product the good old fashion way, then use what you learn to create an online presence.

Your people have a problem. You’re here to solve it.


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