San Diego’s CrowdfundUP

Crowdfunding Hack-a-thon hosted by Brant Cooper and SD Tech Founders


Kicking off at the UCSD Porters Pub, the first crowdfunding collaborative.

Lean Entrepreneur, Brant Cooper [@brantcooper], breaks down barriers to Crowdfunding with Joshua Baylin [@joshuabaylin] of VelocityKick.

“First, figure out if the world wants your shit.”

If done successfully, you’ll get customers who care and are invested in your success.

Critical to crowdfunding:

  • get out of the office
  • diversify efforts (capitalize on strengths of stakeholders)
  • correctly estimate marketing costs
  • email! Collect contacts on social media and landing pages to gauge interest — “if this __ launched in a month, would you be interested?”
  • email bloggers to spread interest


A handful of fresh Startups pitched their ideas, creating a pre-product demo night.

Experienced crowdfunders and mentors were in the audience mix, setting the tone for the weekend workshop to follow.

The goal, by Sunday selected Startups will be on their way to crowdfunding success!

Presenting Startups..

VelocityKick — Aggregates hot contacts to support email strategy

Steph Johnson — Jazz music video

BeeCause — Bee habitat

Lift and Twist – Device to assist with pill consumption

The Undress – Solution for changing clothes in public (kickstarter and presenter from one million cups)

Hush – smart earplug with noise canceling noise, syncs with phone
Daniel Daniel and Daniel

All in all the event was a success. The beer was great, ribs were served and startups met startups :)

In other news..
Host, Brant Cooper, recently published a new book with author Jeremiah Gardner — The Lean Brand. The book is in the midst of design and print stages and delivery is expected in mid to late October.

I am SUPER excited.. and will be hosting the book’s launch party! Announcements to come!

All Startups, vendors and interest sponsors please feel free to reach out :)


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